Top Ten Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Myths

1. If I file a worker's compensation claim I'll get fired.

This is absolutely not true, in fact there is law on point that says if an employer uses any sort of retaliation (i.e. firing you, shortening your hours, giving you a different position that is a demotion, etcetera) simply because you filed a worker's compensation claim, they can be penalized substantially.

2. I'll never get another job if file a worker's compensation claim.

While it is true that employer's certainly want to know if a new employee has ever filed a worker's compensation claim, there are certain federal guidelines that do not allow them to ask certain questions about the filing of the worker's compensation claim. What the client really needs to be focused on is not the future employment possibilities as much as getting better now and being compensated for this injury at this particular job.

3. I'll get better on my own; I don't need to file a worker's compensation claim.

Simply untrue, the longer you wait to make the report to your boss and the alert the employer to your injury the less credibility your claim has and eventually might significantly harm your case.

4. I won't get enough money to make it worth the hassle to file a worker's compensation claim.

While this is true the worker's compensation laws compensate you based on the percentage of your injury and your future disability as a result thereof, in fact many times people are quite shocked at the amount of the permanent and partial disability that they might have as a result of their injury and therefore they become quite shocked at the resulting settlement figure.

5. I can't afford a lawyer.

This is simply untrue because under Oklahoma law worker's compensation attorneys that represent the claim cannot take anything more than statutory 10% of any temporary benefits and 20% of any permanent benefits. That is on a contingency basis so you typically will not pay a lawyer anything upfront.

6. The worker's compensation process will take too long.

While it will be a process, as any administrative proceeding, there have been many strides made that have expedited the process, getting the injured worker to a doctor, getting them better, and getting their case through the administrative process to settlement.

7. The doctor's for worker's compensation claims are not as good as other doctors.

Some people hold this belief, I happen to think it is absolutely incorrect. For the most part, the doctors that are used regularly in the worker's compensation system are some of the very best in their fields that have just limited their practices to the area of worker's compensation injuries.

8. If I settle my worker's compensation claim I can never reopen it.

This is not true. If you take your case to trial you have a certain period time in which to return to court if your symptoms worsen.

9. I can handle the worker's compensation adjuster myself. I don't need a lawyer.

This is simply not true, these worker's compensations adjusters are professionals. They do this for a living. Their job is to limit your treatment and limit your settlement amount. You always want an experienced oklahoma city workers compensation lawyer when dealing with an insurance company.

10. If their doctor says I'm okay then I do not have any options and I'm out of luck.

That is just not true. An experienced oklahoma city worker's compensation attorney knows exactly what to do and how to help their injured worker get the treatment they need. Just because the insurance company's doctor says that you are released and are able to go back to work, they will try to minimize your injuries. A skilled oklahoma city worker's compensation attorney knows how to, get you the treatment and the settlement you deserve.

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